Cara Delevingne Making Racy Acting Debut With Challenging Sex Scene

British model Cara Delevingne has always hinted in interviews that she wants to one day launch an acting career, and finally she's got the chance to do just that. Cara, who dominated the recent Fashion Weeks by walking at a total of 55 shows during the month, has a part in new film 'Anna Karenina' which stars Keira Knightley and was directed by Joe Wright - she's setting out for world domination. 

When she heard that she landed the part, Cara gushes that she was overjoyed and so excited: 

It was such a dream come true to be part of a Joe Wright film. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep for the first few nights! 

On whether she prefers acting or modeling, Cara explains that acting has always been her biggest dream, and that both are completely different experiences: 

Acting has always been my dream, even more than modelling. I tried to channel my experience of modelling but it’s actually really different. When I was being filmed I found myself posing but it’s not about that. I just had to really concentrate on the part and the character. 

Speaking on working with so many famous actors, Cara says that the cast instantly became close and she was especially happy to receive some advice from Keira as she was expected to film a sex scene for her new role but was nervous about the filming - however Keira told her how to handle it: 

We all completely gelled. After three days, when you put a load of actors in one room, they just have to create. Keira was so helpful, she was really supportive. I was actually really nervous about the sex scenes, the intimate ones. But Keira had her own in this film and had done it all before. She just told me to lose myself in it. Forget about me and be the character. I really took that on board. 

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