Is Fashion Week Street Style All Staged to Boost Sales?

 With the major Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Weeks now behind us, it is becoming even more evident that Fashion Weeks aren't just about debuting the collections, especially regarding street style, with new photographers lining the streets to take pictures of the models and attendees who are lucky enough to see the inside walls of The Grand Palais and other such locations. As well as more photographers, street style has become more showy - but at what cost?

Established street style photographer Scott Schuman has accused many editors and attendees of selling out and dressing up for the cameras instead of themselves. He recently commented on the idea of street style becoming an industry itself and being used as a means of advertising, despite being born out of freedom and self-expression:
"I don’t really care where these people get their clothes from, it doesn’t matter to me, it isn’t going to matter 100 years from now. A good shot is a good shot. That’s all I really care about. But you can tell who are the people who are going over the top to create a shot [or] to be shot. There’s something about that, that, to me anyway, doesn’t create a good shot. There’s something very calculated about it." 

Russian editor Miroslava Duma has now added to the argument by candidly commenting that she doesn't purchase all of the clothes she wears during Fashion Weeks and many items are borrowed from designers looking to boost sales: 
"I probably shouldn’t say this, but a lot of my clothes are borrowed. I’m sure people look at me and think, Pfff, this girl, she’s just a silly girl with a credit card with no limit. But that’s not true! Maybe no designer will loan to me now…I mean, isn’t the whole point that girls think I bought the dress from so-and-so, so they go out and buy that dress? "

So, has street style lost the ability to be an organic way to observe the way these people really dress? Slowly but surely, yes, but perhaps not everyone will cave to the lure of a few freebies - some continue to express their own tastes even if they do have the occasional product placement in the midst of it all.

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