Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Launched Their Label to Have a Personal Project

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, who recently took home WSJ Magazine's "Innovator Of The Year" Award for their work on 'The Row' have commented on why they started their own fashion label in the first place. The twin designers reveal that the idea was to have something personal that they could call their own, without the help of anyone else involved for a change: 

''We had never not worked before. So it was a little bit of a trip. This was more of a test to see how we might create something on our own, without any outside influence - not as a business, but as a passion project to see where it could go. We started one client, one boutique at a time.'' 

Mary-Kate and Ashley say that they now have a loyal base of customers who always return to them when they're looking for something special: 

''Our true customers, the ones who understand the brand, always come to us when they have events.''  

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