Andrej Pejic Felt Like "Immigrant Worker" at the Start of His Career

Androgynous male model Andrej Pejic has said that at the beginning of his career he felt like an "immigrant worker" because he was taking jobs from female models, but after a while he felt that he proved himself and has every right to do the job: 

“You do feel a little bit like an immigrant worker, but I proved myself. I don’t think I have any less right to this job than a woman. If I have the looks and the talent, why is it not fair?" 

The model also admits that labels took a risk as first by hiring him because they didn't know how the public would react to him being dressed as either a man or a woman:

“It was a risk for brands to hire me to model either menswear or womenswear at first because they did not know how the market would react. There was no other gender-bending model before me who had done it.”

Andrej says that at the age of 14 he decided to embrace the feminine side that he felt unsure about growing up, and was lucky enough to be embraced by a gang on popular girls and thus avoided any bullying that he might have encountered:

“One day, I decided I was just going to be myself. That was when I started to bleach my hair and wear skinny jeans, I was invited to all the parties. No one teased me or anything because I was with these girls. I was very lucky to have been able to avoid the bullying. I guess no one wants to punch a pretty face like this.”

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