Anja Rubik Poses With Terry Richardson Despite Pirelli Snub

Anja Rubik previously turned down the chance to star in Terry Richardson's Pirelli calendar, even though she later appeared in a Karl Lagerfeld shot Pirelli calendar. However, the snub didn't leave any hard feelings between the two it appears, as they continue to work together, most recently on a Vogue Paris editorial and Anja even posed for a few fun snaps behind the scenes with the photographer himself. So, why did Anja decide not to work with him on the calendar that is so famous for nudity? She explained:

"I’ve worked many times with Terry Richardson, and I like him a lot, and I’ve never had a situation with him where I felt uncomfortable. What photographers do is open the door and see how you react to different things. And if they see that the girl’s uncomfortable, then they stop. I know there was the whole drama with Terry Richardson, and actually, I was asked to do the Pirelli calendar with him as well. But I know his pictures, and I knew that I might not feel comfortable in certain situations, which would be really difficult for me and for him, because he has a vision. So, I decided not to do it because I was not sure it would work for both of us. But every time I’ve worked with him, there was never a situation where I was pushed into something. Everyone has their own limits and everyone has their own boundaries, and you know, another girl can do way more and feel comfortable with it."

So, is she saying she doesn't feel comfortable posing nude when he's holding the camera? She certainly doesn't seem to have a problem posing with clothes on in front of him, and she's gone completely nude before for other photographers including Mert & Marcus. Does Anja believe that hype surrounding Terry and his sexual shoots that have previously made headlines?

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