Coco Rocha is Still a Practicing Jehovah’s Witness

24-year-old model Coco Rocha, who joins Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova as a judge on new model show The Face, has spoken on her career and having to adjust her beliefs to get ahead. Coco says that in the beginning she didn't think she could say no to things that she was against or felt uncomfortable with, but now she stands up for her believes and won't be compromised because she puts her faith before her profession:

‘At the beginning of my career there were photos and moments I wish I wasn’t a part of but I didn’t realize I could say “no.” Now I know that. I grew up – and still am – a practicing Jehovah’s Witness and believe in everything the Bible has to say. I’m a Christian first and a model second.’
Speaking on the possibility of having children with husband James Cronan, Coco says she isn't in a rush to start a family because her career takes up so much time:
‘Right now it would be unfair to have a kid in the mess of all my life,’ she said. ‘But when my work is done, I would love to have kids with James.’
Coco also says that she doesn't believe models should just be a face - they can also have a voice:
‘It’s important for every model to have a voice. When I started modelling, people said to me, “You’re going to have to throw away your beliefs in order to be a successful model.” But I didn’t.’

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