Jourdan Dunn's Victoria's Secret Diet: KFC to "Put Junk in My Trunk"

Another beautiful British model has decided to make us all envious by revealing her Victoria's Secret diet. A few days ago we heard about Cara Delevingne stuffing her face with McDonald's and pizza just hours before hitting the catwalk and now Jourdan Dunn has made us groan with a similar feeling on envy. Her attitude to getting prepped was similarly as carefree - she even hit up KFC in order to "put junk" in her trunk. She commented:
''I didn't do much extra exercise, and if anything, I've been trying to put more junk in my trunk because Victoria's Secret is all about celebrating a womanly body, so I even had a KFC the other day.''

Fellow Victoria's Secret beauty Erin Heatherton revealed her diet leading up to the show recently too, which is way, way more strict in contrast:
''You don't want to eat three cupcakes because you're going to be in your underwear soon - so it's probably not the best idea.I stick to little meals throughout the day. The best thing is to start the day with protein, like egg-white omelette and avocado for breakfast, then lots of shrimp and fish for lunch and dinner. I also try not to eat too many sweets - some dark chocolate is fine and some fruit.''

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