Karlie Kloss Reveals Who Her "Absolute Role Model" Is

American model Karlie Kloss has revealed who her model idol is. She reveals that although her career has already been hugely successful, she still looks up to a particular model for the way she handles herself both on and off the camera. She told Vogue:

"Christy Turlington is my absolute role model, she is the definition of true beauty inside and out."

Commenting on how she selects which fashion labels to work with, Karlie says she regularly consults her team when making decisions to make sure they're the best for her: 

"I work strategically with my management team to make all decisions, I am very lucky to be surrounded and guided by an incredible support team comprised of my family and agents." 

Kloss comments that she believes her height makes her unique because clothes look different on her: 

"Because I'm so tall, clothes look different on me than they do on others, I am 6-foot-1', so I tend to stand out in a crowd and on the runway - quite literally."

Christy Turlington

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