New Model Says She is Shocked by Pressure to Weight Watch

 17-year-old newcomer model Amanda Gullickson from North Carolina recently moved to New York City to pursue her career and sat down with WWD for a short interview they've named 'Model Call' which highlights new talents. Surprisingly, she wasn't shy on the topic of maintaining her model figure as many others might be, and openly admitted that learning to watch her weight at first "shocked" her. She commented that it was the biggest surprise she encountered: 
"The biggest shock was having to watch what I eat. Since I was a basketball player before, you always want carbs. With modeling you have to say, “I don’t want that cookie.” My hips are right on the edge of 35 inches, so if I eat too much I might go over to 36. I watch proportions. I had to cut out candy and I’m such a candy person."

Amanda bravely speaks on a topic which most models would shy away from, and of course it would be new to any young model to have to worry about their weight, but is it really such a large price to pay for the potential career that might follow? 

Some articles are suggesting this is "sad" for her, but isn't she really lucky to have such an opportunity in the first place - as long as she monitors her weight in a healthy way of course? Sample size is unfortunately rigid in measurement, but this is mostly to do with what looks best for the clothes.

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