American Apparel Ad Banned for Being "Voyeuristic" & Sexual

American Apparel are no strangers to controversy when it comes to their often overtly sexual ad campaigns, and they've once again landed in hot water for one of their latest images. The photo in question has been banned in Britain for sexualizing a girl who looks to be a teenager, as well as presenting her in "voyeuristic" light. 

The Advertising Standards Authority saw the image on a back cover of Vice magazine and swiftly took action, commenting that the ad "appeared to sexualise a child, the ad was likely to cause serious or widespread offence." They added "Whilst we acknowledged the image did not contain any explicit nudity, we considered that the amateur style of the photo, the posing of the model with her legs up on an office-style chair with her knickers showing and the unsmiling expression on the model's face meant the photo would be interpreted as having sexual undertones and a voyeuristic quality." 

American Apparel has already hit back by claiming that the model was over 18 and that the image is not offensive, while Vice magazine backed up the company, commenting that "in the wider context of fashion and underwear advertising the image was tame and tasteful".

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