Anja Rubik "Not a Fan" of "Terrible" Fifty Shades of Grey

Polish model Anja Rubik may like to occasionally talk about sex - as editor of 25 magazine, she recently created a whole sex themed issue -  but she embarrassingly admits that after reading erotic novel 'Fifty Shades of Grey' she wasn't impressed. She describes the book as a "terrible" read and slams it for being unoriginal. When asked what the last book she read was, Anja commented: 

"I'm reading a Polish book right now, but before that I read that Diane Keaton biography. Before that, I read Fifty Shades of Grey." 

 On if 'Fifty Shades' was impressive to her, she says she doesn't get the hype: 

"I'm very embarrassed I even said that! I thought [Fifty Shades] was terrible. I don't understand the whole fuss about it. I'm definitely not a fan! These books have existed forever; they're called Harlequins." 

Anja reveals she has difficulty picking books to read so she lets her mother do her book shopping:

"I always have a hard time picking out books, so my mom usually gets ones for me."

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