Anja Rubik Says Guys Try to Pick Her Up When She Shops in Topshop

 Anja Rubik has a confession to make: when she shops in Topshop she usually attracts a lot of attention, mostly from males who like to try and pick her up during her shopping trip, but also from modeling scouts! The Polish beauty explained that it's definitely her weirdest pick up spot:

"Topshop in London! I've been picked up there by guys, and by modeling scouts. So if anyone wants to become a model, that's a good store to go to." 

Anja says that usually when she's shopping she goes into a concentration mode, but still people notice and approach her (it might have something to do with her being gorgeous model?):

"When I'm in my shopping mode, I don't really see anyone else. But they just come out of nowhere. It's really strange."

Speaking on shopping for the holidays, Anja says she isn't good at buying great gifts but she does try to put in as much effort as possible and doesn't believe in gifting things that are "stupid":

"I'm not the best, but I definitely try really hard. The trick is to really think about the person you're buying for. Don't buy stupid gifts! It's better not to buy anything than to buy something completely stupid."

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