Miranda Kerr Does Butt Lifts to Keep Lingerie-Ready

Australian model Miranda Kerr has admitted that it all doesn't come naturally - she regularly has to do butt-lifts to stay in top shape for all those skimpy lingerie sets and bikinis that Victoria's Secret have her regularly wear. Miranda, who recently became the new face of Mango, confessed that she often needs to work on giving herself a lift:

''We are in our underwear a lot, shooting for Victoria's Secrets campaigns, so it's kind of a continual process of preparation. The focus, for me, is always on lifting my butt, so I do a lot more exercise around that area, with squats and lunges, leg-lifts and resistance training with ankle weights.''

Miranda says that although it's hard to juggle her tough workout regime with her young son, she finds the easiest way to sneak in a workout is by including him in the fun if she can:

''I like to do my workouts at home so that I can be with my son. Sometimes I will do squats while holding him as a weight. He likes that; he thinks it's funny. Something that I think is good for everyone, but particularly young mothers, is to put the music on that your child enjoys and dance around the house. You can really have a great workout.''

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