6 Models Who Have Heterochromia/Eyes That Are Different Colours

It's a common misconception that models are perfect super human beings that won the genetic lottery - sometimes they have small quirks or differences that make them even more unique than if they were exactly pure perfection. One example of this is Heterochromia, a lack of pigment which causes a person's iris to develop two different colours. It can be central, as is the case with model Arizona Muse, where two shades (in her case hazel and blue) meet in the middle. In other instances, eyes can be completely different colours, or have blotches of another colour in them. It can make for a striking visual that makes them look even more interesting - here is 6 models who have it.
1. Kadri Vahersalu

2. Jorgelina Airaldi

3. Magda Laguinge

4. Luisa Hartema

5. Ieva Laguna

6. Arizona Muse


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