Bryanboy Faces Backlash After Strange Thinspo Tweet

Whatever a Bryanboy is (it's better to pretend he doesn't exist, it makes me hate fashion less) has come under some heavy criticism for what is being deemed a thinspiration tweet. The blogger's tweet encourages people to go on crash diets to drop weight coming up to fashion week so that they could expose their bones, which would make them look emaciated and thus, beautiful dahhling. 

Is he mentally deficient? Because even someone who thought something so stupid to themselves would probably know not to bother tweeting about something that would make him look so vacuous and only concerned with appearances.

His tweet was as follows:
“Mark your calendars kids! You have less than a month to lose weight and make those bones appear. Fashion month is just around the corner!”
Perhaps it was just a severely sarcastic remark, but it still seems like it missed the mark.  He also previously tweeted some time ago a similar weight related remark:
“i wish it was morning 24/7 i feel thinner in the mornings, my tummy is flat my waist is slimmer and my rib cage pokes through my sweater. jk” (sic)
Writing "jk" at the end of tweet doesn't actually make it funny though. There has been plenty of backlash so far with angry tweets and articles appearing, but it has done little to dwindle down his amassed piled of twitter followers, who must be working on their fashion week diets as we speak. 

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