Céline Pre-Fall 2013: "Romantic, Traditional"

Phoebe Philo describes her Céline Pre-Fall 2013 collection as both "romantic" and "traditional". It is conservative yet feminine, structured yet unfussy. Philo brought back several of the silhouettes the design house has become known for under the designer: masculine tailoring, hugely oversized upper-halves in the form of long sweeping coats with menacingly large silhouettes. 

Completing her vision with straw full-brimmed hats, button-up shirts, several pleated leather items and long suit trousers, Philo balanced several juxtaposing ideas in a harmonious equilibrium. Still obsessive about every minute detail which gives her minimalistic designs their edge, Philo presents another Céline collection that revamps and re-tunes what now defines the design house.

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