Coco Rocha Has an "Insane" List of What She Won't Do as a Model

 Coco Rocha does her best to be a role model for younger girls starting out in the industry and she also believes it's important to stay true to her faith as a Jehovah’s Witness. The model says that because of this, she has a long list of things she won't do built into her contract. She has yet to pose nude for the camera and won't get involved in religious or government themed shoots, nor pose with other models who haven't met her strict rules. She commented: 
 “My list [of what I won’t do] compared with any other model’s is insane, I always feel like if I do something that I said I wouldn’t do, all those girls who look up to me will go, ‘She fell into being tempted. I’m not going to be able to do it.’” 
Coco also says her faith is “everything” to her. The model got upset last year when Elle Brazil decided to remove a bodysuit with Photoshop making her appear nude even though she wasn't because it went against her beliefs. 

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