Coco Rocha Won't Call Herself a Supermodel

Coco Rocha refuses to accept the title of supermodel. She believes that to be a supermodel you had to have been there when the likes of Naomi Campbell "owned the industry". She doesn't think that models these days have as much power as they did back then because you can only hope for the best as there is a lot of competition and the word supermodel is thrown at anyone who is even mildly successful:

"I cannot ever call myself a supermodel. That was an era in time — when Naomi worked — and those girls owned the industry, nowadays, you do one cover and if it gets a lot of hype, you're considered a supermodel."

Coco says that models starting out have to embrace what they can in order to further their career. She decided to embrace social media as a career move and currently uses twitter and blogs frequently about her career:

"For any model who starts today, they have to go with the flow of here and now — for me, it was embracing social media."

Coco walks around in NYC

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