Does Karlie Kloss Have Her Boobs Filled Out With Photoshop?

Is Photoshop helping Karlie Kloss to fit in with the angels? The American model looks like she easily fills out a bra in her latest work for Victoria's Secret, but the 'before' might look a little different. 

Photographer Russell James, who regularly snaps for the lingerie label, shared a candid snap of Karlie in a white lingerie set while on set. The relatively flat-chested model barely appeared to fill out the bra and it was clearly a few sizes too big, allowing room for her breasts to be enlarged to fill out the bra in Photoshop.

While many of the most successful Victoria's Secret models rose to fame through the company as one of their angels, Karlie is a catwalk/fashion model first and foremost, so it's easy to see why her body isn't completely right for what lingerie companies might want. Yet as a desirable face, it's not hard to see why she was enlisted.

Karlie's latest work for Victoria's Secret

A candid shot taken during a Victoria's Secret shoot - Karlie poses with photographer Russell James


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