10 Taller Than Average Models

To have the full package, not only do you have to have the right look, but height counts too. While some only just scrape by into the acceptable bracket according to the agencies scouting new faces (and they even make exceptions for some), there are a few models who never have to worry about being too short - they're all taller than the average. Towering over most of the others girls on the catwalk, these girls were clearly born to be photographed with amazing proportions. Here are 10 models who are taller than even the standard model height.

Alek Wek - 5 ft 11 in

Hana Soukupov√° - 6 ft

Frida Gustavsson - 6 ft 1 in

Kirsi Pyrhonen - 6 ft

Rianne Ten Haken - 5ft 11 in

Jelena Nebendahl - 6 ft

Tiiu Kuik - 6 ft 1 in

Karlie Kloss - 6 ft 1 in

Toni Garn - 6 ft

Julia Stegner - 5 ft 11 inch

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