Alexa Chung Speaks on "Not Being Freaked Out" About Turning 30

 Alexa Chung turns 30 this November but the model/tv host isn't freaked out by the milestone. She told Vogue that while it is a big deal, she loves to celebrate a birthday and she is happy because she feels as though she will be taken more seriously as a person:

"I'm looking forward to 30 - I like a birthday, what's good is that I often have strong opinions and ideas and you're not often listened to in your early twenties as people are like 'yeah whatever'. But it's almost as if you earn the right for people to take you seriously. "

Alexa isn't freaked out about the age at all and thinks people are actually beginning to listen to what she says now that she's a little older:

"Before I'd say something and people would be like: 'shut up, model idiot', and now they're like: 'oh really?' I feel like I've done quite a lot so I don't feel freaked out by it - I definitely feel tired enough to be 30."

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