Aline Weber in Controversial "Sexist" Shoot for 25 Mag (NSFW)

Brazilian super Aline Weber may not be quite the same since she hacked off her once luxuriant mane, yet the work keeps pouring in, and why not - with bone structure like that it's not difficult to see why she's in hot demand. Having previously appeared in a See by ChloĆ© campaign, here Aline wears full new season mainline ChloĆ© looks. Immaculate styling aside however, the big question on everyone's lips is, of course, about the questionable content of this shoot. Several men's rights activists and bloggers have expressed concern that this shoot is responsible for the objectification and debasement of men. 

Question marks have been raised as it appears that the male models present, have been relegated to little more than a human backdrop for the female model to cavort in front of. Critics have suggested that by removing the men of their clothing, and often obscuring their faces, that the men have been denigrated and humiliated. Similar criticisms have been levelled at other editorials in the past which have used black models  in a similar fashion. It appears to this writer, that it is a very subjective thing however, and one that people may have to figure out for themselves, as there seemingly exists a perpetual dichotomy between freedom of expression and the interests of individual rights groups.


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