Cara Delevingne Arrives in Paris, Tweets Paparazzi Frustration

Cara Delevingne is tired of her words being twisted. The British model did not address what story she was referring to, but took to her twitter account to vent. Stating that she woke up in a "bad mood" and is tired of the paparazzi chasing her, Cara comments that she now appreciates her privacy more than ever: 

Have woken up in a terrible mood today, why do people take what I say and change it to want they want to hear?! Also, I don't think I have ever appreciated my privacy more than now. Cameras = RUUUUUUNN!

The model was seen arriving in Paris, although contrary to her tweets she smiled when greeted by the cameras. Wearing an orange 'Homies' beanie hat teamed with a green jacket, printed t-shirt, simple skinny jeans and biker boots, Cara looked fresh-faced and in her usual bouncy mood as she geared up to walk at the Paris Fashion Week shows.


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