Cara Delevingne on Onesie Wearing & Still Living at Home

As well as her bushy brows, quirky behavior and model good looks, British model Cara Delevingne is known for another strange thing - her unashamed love of animal onesies. So, what is it about a fuzzy warm jumpsuit with animal ears that Cara finds so appealing? Yes, that was basically rhetorical. She commented:

"I travel so much and the onesie has become my home from home, they are so comfy and cosy. I've worn them since I was 16 and love that I can just put one on and I'm fully dressed, it's so easy. I love the simplicity."

When asked if she still lives at home with her parents, Cara answers simply "yes I do" while expanding that her family means everything to her and are an amazing support system:

"My family are very important to me and any spare time I have is spent with them, they have always been there to support me."

Commenting on the year 2012, Cara says it was a rapidly moving year that allowed her to inspire some of her fans and reflecting on it, she says she is grateful for how it has worked out:

"I have had the most amazing year, everything happened so quickly, and I am so grateful and proud of all the support from my fans. I appreciate every single one of them and think they are all wonderful and weird. I love the girls who say I have changed their lives and given them confidence to be themselves. I've made it acceptable to be weird!"


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