Kate Moss Once Had to be Held Up During a Shoot Because She was "So Trashed"

Kate Moss may seem to have her life together these days following her former drug scandal, but we bet there are plenty of inside industry secrets that haven't surfaced regarding her wild past. One such secret has leaked out recently thanks to a stylist who claims to have worked with Moss. The person in question says they worked on a Nick Knight shot cover for the December 2001 issue of Vogue UK.

The stylist told a friend who leaked the story that Kate had to be propped up by two men for the cover shot because she was so wasted:
“I was out for dinner with a stylist last week and we started talking about Kate Moss. Do you remember that cover she did for Vogue where she was holding the staff? Well, she was so trashed at the shoot that to get it finished in time they had to get two people to hold her up into the position the stylist wanted as she kept slumping over and then they had to photoshop them out at a later date.”

There is no saying how reliable the source is, but Kate does have a 'far away' look in her eyes.


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