Naomi Campbell Says Her Lateness to Modeling Jobs Was "Terrible"

Legendary model Naomi Campbell may be known for her diva-like behavior, but even she has acknowledged that some of the stunts she pulled in the past weren't really acceptable. Naomi, who stars in a new modeling reality show named 'The Face' admits that she used to turn up to modeling jobs hours late and wouldn't even give an excuse. She says that looking back, she thinks she behaved "terribly":
''My lateness was terrible, and I'll admit to that, but I never would actually come in with a story of why I was late. But I'd get there, and I'd get the job done. I never believed in giving an excuse. I'm not going to lie.''

Naomi is still recovering from a robbery which took place in November when two men stole her bag in Paris which left her with torn ligaments in her legs. She has since had surgery to repair the damage and says she is on the path to healing but still can't wear heels:
''I can't keep [the heels] on for too long.''

Naomi in NY

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