Alexa Chung Believes Style is Subjective & Hard to Rank

Alexa Chung may have won countless awards for her personal style, but she still believes it is almost impossible to rank people's individual style because the topic is incredibly subjective and depends all on people's tastes. She opened up:

''It's kind of the least concrete thing to assess. When someone wins [best] brand something I understand that, but style is so subjective that it's difficult to rank people properly.''

She jokes that she keeps her style award in her bedroom but almost took a tumble over it when it ended up on the floor:

''I genuinely tripped over my style award the other day, and it made me laugh a lot. It's on my bedroom floor.''

She comments that she only began to experiment with her style when she landed her first TV job because she was given a generous wardrobe allowance:
 ''I didn't have much style until I started presenting TV. They give you a wardrobe allowance so it was the first time I had to luxury of being able to shop properly.''

On what her last purchase was, Alexa reveals it was a "weird" poncho:

''It was a navy blue, suede and wool poncho. Very weird, I don't quite know what I'm going to do with it. Apparently someone made it in the Amazon!''


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