Cara Delevingne Destroys Rita Ora & Azealia Banks Friendship

Cara Delevingne's popularity continues to soar, and has gone far beyond her status as  a mere model. Cara is so hot in demand right now, that she's causing a ruckus between popstars Rita Ora and Azealia Banks as each one vies for her attention and friendship. Apparently, the spat originated when Rita Ora  took to referring to Cara as her wifey, a close term of endearment. 

Azealia took grave offence to this, as she viewed her friendship with Cara as more special. The popstar pair kicked off last weekend at an Austrian festival as Azealia bluntly aired her  grievances in typical no holds barred style. The fight soon moved to a new forum - twiter, as Azealia described Rita as "mad" and "Rihanna's understudy". Sources close to Cara, suggest that she's surprised by these developments. Come on Ladies! there's plenty of Cara to go around!


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