Cara Delevingne Was Asked to be on 'Made In Chelsea' Reality Show

British model Cara Delevingne has a very bubbly, lively personality, so it's no surprise that someone thought of asking her to take part in a reality show to give fans a closer look at her life. Cara recently revealed that she was approached by the creators of British reality TV show 'Made in Chelsea' and was asked if she wanted to join the cast. The model decided to decline their offer and says she doesn't want to be associated with reality shows:

"It’s something I want to be as far away as possible from, I know one of the boys who used to be in it, Hugo. He went to Harrow with my sister and that’s the only contact. I see them now running around at parties but my whole opinion of that is, uh…" 

Speaking on a modeling tip she has learned from other models, Cara reveals that to make the best photos you have to eye f**k the camera: 

 "You have to look at that camera like you want to f*ck it. Basically. I’ve only learnt by watching other girls do it, I’d have no idea otherwise."

Cara Delevingne poses with other models during Fashion Week

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