Edie Campbell's Style Is Inspired by Literature

British model Edie Campbell's retro and often androgynous style isn't inspired by the catwalks that she often frequents: much of her inspiration comes from literature. The rising face told Vogue that she loves to dip into a good book to collection style inspiration:

 ''Sometimes I wake up and think, 'I want to look like Sherlock Holmes today,' and other times I want to look like a witch from 'Macbeth'.

There are also a few stars who she admires including Tilda Swinton who wear what they like instead of blindly following fashion:

''Otherwise, I like what Tilda Swinton wears. Kristen Stewart always looks good - she wears what she wants. It's the same with Alison Mosshart - she chooses clothes that she loves rather than what she thinks she should wear.''

Edie confesses that she no longer puts in much effort into dressing because she would prefer to be comfortable and often ends up putting that first:

''When I was 17, I used to really think about what I wore every day. But now I spend my life being dressed up, I don't always have the energy for it when I'm not working.  Now I think to myself, 'Do I look like a total moron?' If it's a no, then fine. At London Fashion Week, I wore a lot of trackies - practicality is important.'

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