Is Rihanna Helping Cara Delevingne Launch a Music Career?

British model Cara Delevingne seems to have many friends in the music industry - she's regularly spotted hanging with Rita Ora and was even seen clubbing with Rihanna during the recent London Fashion Week. Now, rumors are swirling that Cara is keen to launch a music career of her own and her friends and ready to help her out. She has previously expressed and interest in acting but it is possible that music might be her next move. A source comments that Cara will spend time in Los Angeles with Rihanna who will help her organize the entire thing:

"Even though Rihanna will be busy with her tour, she's going to introduce Cara to some top industry names, including her boyfriend Chris Brown, she's also going to take her to the studio to lay down some tracks."

Rihanna has said that Cara is welcome in her $8 million Los Angeles home for as long as she wants and the model will even have her own wing of the mansion to call her own:  
"She will have her own walk-in wardrobe and RiRi's said she can stay as long as she wants."  

Watch this space for confirmation!


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