Why Buying Designer Can Save Money & Be More Eco Friendly

Not everyone has enough money to shell out on lavish designer items constantly presented in street style blogs, but with smart saving and some wardrobe planning, you can easily build a basic designer wardrobe that might even save money in the long run and benefit the environment.

Buying designer pieces that are built to last longer can benefit your wallet and save you from throwing out cheaper lower quality items which can have a damaging effect on the environment - and it's pointless waste. A designer piece will hopefully last much longer than an equivalent cheaper item, so the investment might actually be worth it as long as it is a thoughtful purchase that you will continue to wear season in and out - black jeans, a well tailored blazer, a classic handbag, leather ankle boots - these are the kind of timeless pieces that never date and you won't ever want to part with.

Worried about looking trendless or seasonless? You can quickly update by adding a high street piece to your classic wardrobe, but the outfit as a whole will look more expensive and you'll only need a few items each season if you want to catch up with trends, so it will be less wasteful.

Designers are keen to show their customers that they are doing their best to support the environment while they produce their goods. While many cheaper items use questionable chemicals, cheaper substances and are produced in factories with low wages and possibly bad conditions, labels such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci and many more are forever highlighting their hand-crafted leather goods and careful production process that ensures quality.

Gucci 2013

Gucci have even taken things one step further, recently adding a 'passport' to their bags which details the history of the production process for a line of eco-friendly and zero-deforestation bags in their 2013 collection.

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