Andrej Pejic Creating "Codeine Heels", Wears Insane Butt Cutout Shorts

Androgynous model Andrej Pejic is working on his own clothing line with a selection of t-shirts to be released soon. He recently commented that he hopes to also put his own stamp on a line of towering high heels which he names 'Codeine' heels because you need to take painkillers to wear them! He said:

“The shoes are going to be called Codeine Heels, because you need codeine [to wear] the best heels.”

Seen at Coachella Festival this weekend, Andrej was spotted at Galore’s Women Who Rock Coachella pool party at the Hard Rock music Lounge and he had a surprise in store for those who caught a rear view of the model. He wore tiny denim cutoffs with dramatic slashes carved into the back to an insane degree, leaving not a whole lot to the imagination. He completed the look with a wine crop top, blue sunglasses and a baggy green jacket.


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