Cara Delevingne Talks to Georgia May Jagger About "Crazy" Fame

British models and close friends (they share a flat together in London) Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne often discuss how weird it is to be in the spotlight. Georgia comments that Cara often find her fame to be "crazy" and can't believe she is regularly followed by the paparazzi. Georgia reveals:

‘[We talk about her fame] all the time, it's crazy with her at the moment. She's being followed by paparazzi and it's mad.'

Georgia also says she often shares her beauty secrets with Cara and especially loves finding new products in different countries:

''My make-up bag is full of different brands, but I always go back to Rimmel for mascaras and eyeshadows. I've just discovered a brilliant brand called RMS, which does fantastic concealers and lip tints. I love to share my findings with friends - I've just bought Cara the biggest tub of Bee Yummy Body Cream from the US.''

Speaking on her favourite scents, Georgia picks Just by Just Cavalli as her favourite but also loves different oils:

 ''I love anything floral, so Just by Just Cavalli is the perfect summer scent for me. I also love wearing essential oils, such as rose oil. 'Fresh lemon and lavender remind me of long summers in France but the scent that reminds me most of my childhood and my mother is Thierry Mugler angel because mum was the face of the brand in the 80s.''

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