David Gandy Speaks on Not Being Sample Size: "I've Been Sent Home From Shows"

While plenty of light has been shed on how tough it can be for female models when it comes to maintaining their figure and the harsh treatment those who don't fit perfectly into sample size can receive, we rarely hear what it's like from a male model perspective.

Speaking at the Vogue Festival 2013, British model David Gandy took part in a panel discussing body image. He spoke candidly on not fitting in to sample size and how he was sent home from shows for not being completely perfect for the catwalk:

"I've been sent home from shows. I'm not sample size - I never have been, they can't send me home anymore though."

Gandy believes that people need to know the difference between what is good and what is bad for them when it comes to eating, and that schools need to educate about diet from an early age because he believes this could help people avoid their body issues:

"I don't like the word dieting. The body will very, very quickly revert back to the way it was. The way to avoid body issues lies in education. It's about learning about fat, the body needs fat, but saturated fats aren't good. People need to learn about carbohydrates and protein too."

Gandy says that it isn't just female models who feel the pressure to look perfect - he insists that it's a similar struggle for male models:

"There are the same pressures on men, I feel there's more pressure now than ever before in my life. There are new guys coming in, and they're amazing looking and younger."

David arriving at the Vogue Festival 2013


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