Georgia May Jagger Says Cara Delevingne Never Gets Nervous

British model Georgia May Jagger has revealed that her friend and model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne rarely gets nervous no matter what she's doing. Georgia admits that she often suffers from pre-catwalk jitters but Cara takes it all in her stride because she is more used to it. Georgia believes it will take her another few years to lose her nerves completely:

"I've just never had the desire to be on stage. It's about confidence - the fashion week shows are the same, I get nervous, I think it takes a couple of years. Cara doesn't get as nervous and my mum doesn't, but I still do because I don't really do that many. It takes practice, to get the confidence to do it without caring."

Georgia also reveals that Cara can play the drums very well and she would love to learn how to play an instrument:

"I don't play any instruments but I do want to learn, I'd really like to play the bass, I'm really uncoordinated with the drums - my friend Cara [Delevingne] plays them, which always surprises me, and my boyfriend's a drummer too. He keeps trying to teach me, but it isn't working!"

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