Jarrod Scott Does Full Frontal Nudity in Controversial Vogue Hommes Shoot [NSFW]

Australian model Jarrod Scott has bravely stripped bare for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Vogue Hommes International. In what at first appears to be a fairly standard black&white shoot captured by famed photographer Sølve Sundsbø, Jarrod dons sharp tailoring and poses simply in the studio setting. Then, in the last shot we are surprised to be presented with a fully nude Jarrod who is laid out completely bare. Does the shot actually have artistic merit? Does anyone find it appealing or interesting? The writer at FashionCopious had an interesting option on the subject. He wrote:
"I mean what straight guy, my self included, would be attracted to a cover like this; or would want to see Jarrod Scott's penis? Similar case with Numéro Homme Paris, or China, amongst others. They drip gay control. Sure the fashion is/could-be applicable to all type of a men, but the image and intention are definitely glazed gay. Point being: Because a magazine is never just about the featured products, but about the point of view, the Homme title is a bit misleading."

Or has the photographer added the shot in merely for shock value? Take a peek at the full shoot and cover below and make up your mind! 


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