John Galliano Looks Like an Insane Hot Mess at the Airport

John Galliano's sense of style has always been eclectic, imaginative and often completely off-the-wall crazy but he usually makes it work in his own way at the very least. However, spotted arriving at an airport recently just after the news of his new job as a teacher in Parsons was announced, Galliano wore an extremely messy look as he made his way through the terminal. 

The designer has been slowly working on a comeback since his hugely controversial anti-semitic rant which has obviously taken him a great deal of time - his first official job was helping Oscar de la Renta with his Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.

This strange outfit makes it appear as though he's still struggling to find his inner-genius (it's in there somewhere, isn't it?). Socks and sandals paired with Camo print and a hobo parka won't made Dior miss you..   

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