Karen Elson Opens Up on "Awful" Divorce From Jack White

No split is ever easy, and model Karen Elson has candidly commented that her divorce from musician Jack White has been "awful".  The couple officially called in quits in 2011, even throwing a party to celebrate the end of their relationship at the time. Now, Karen has spoken on how things have changed since the split and the emotional struggle she has gone through:

”It’s awful. I’m not saying it isn’t. There were times when Jack and I felt, ‘What is happening here?’ It was emotional. But it’s one of those moments in your life when you realize that you are a grown-up.” 

The former couple have young two children and Karen says she feels responsible to put them first through their break up because it is effectively like "breaking up a whole life" and that isn't easy for anyone involved:

”You have a responsibility to your children. It’s not like splitting up with a boyfriend in your twenties. You are breaking up with a whole life. It’s not an easy process. But you’ve got to be friends, there is no choice. I am the product of a divorced family so I felt a responsibility to make that happen.”

Karen says she sees a light at the end of the tunnel and is interested to see what will happen in the future:

”I’ve overcome so much, shaken off so much self-doubt. I’m like, ‘God, my life is just starting now. I have full faith in the second half of my life.”

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