Karl Lagerfeld Is Photographed Without Sunglasses in Rome

Karl Lagerfeld is rarely seen without his sunglasses - but the designer was spotted taking off his signature dark shades while out to lunch in Rome recently. He took off his sunglasses so he could better navigate his iPhone, showing off photos of his pet cat Choupette to his friends at his table. The designer recently opened up on his work ethic revealing that he continues to work because he believes he can always do better than his past work:

"I live with the idea that I still can do better. That’s what pushes me to go ahead, for me, everything I did is vaguely OK. I just have to kick my ass to do better. I just have to sleep seven hours. If I don’t sleep enough, I’m ready for the garbage can.”

Karl likes to fit in as much as he can into a day, saying he works as though there are more than 24 hours available in the hopes of getting more done:

“I always have in my mind that there are more hours in the day than 24. But in the end I find out there are only 24 hours, I never take appointments in the morning. I work at home. I sketch and prepare, and the afternoon and evening is for fittings and photography, most of the time I have lunch at home because I’m not very social.”


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