Kristen McMenamy Files for Divorce After Photographer Husband Miles Aldridge Cheats

 American model Kristen McMenamy and her photographer husband Miles Aldridge have ended their relationship. The couple had been married for 17 years, marrying in 1997.

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld even walked Kristen down the aisle at the cozy ceremony in which she wore a stunning nude one-shoulder dress and statement headpiece. 

Miles Aldridge, who is half-brother to American models Lily and Ruby Aldridge, is known for his quirky and often dream-like colourful images which often frequent the pages of Vogue Italia and other large fashion magazines. 

The couple were granted a decree of nisi at London's High Court earlier this month on the grounds of adultery on Aldridge's part. The divorce is expected to be made official by the end of this year. Speaking on the sudden and unexpected split, Kristen commented:

"Obviously it's a relief to get the nisi but it won't be over properly until the summer. We have as good a relationship as you can expect after everything that's happened."

Kristen and Miles had two children together while both had one child from previous relationships which includes Kristen's 18-year-old daughter Lily who is currently working as a model.

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