Model Scouts Searching for Models at Eating Disorder Clinics

 While in recent years, the fashion industry has seemingly been working to make sure models are healthier and used appropriately for their age (Vogue and the CFDA have both created their own initiatives and guidelines regarding model sizes and age) there may still be a few who aren't quite as concerned about the young models entering the industry for the first time.

According to a new report, model scouts for one of Sweden's biggest modeling agency have been creating a big problem for the country's top eating disorder clinic, as they reportedly use the clinic to scout for young, already stick-thin girls who might be the next big thing. 

Anna-Maria af Sandeberg, the head doctor at the Stockholm Center for Eating Disorders commented on the shocking revelation:
“They [talent scouts] have been standing outside our clinic and trying to pick up our girls because they know that they are skinny."

The scouts reportedly approach patients as young as 14 and are known to wait in the outside area near the clinic where patients were previously permitted to go for walks, a practice they were forced to stop because of the waiting model scouts.

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