Andrej Pejic Debuts His "Young, Fresh & Unisex" T-Shirt Collection!

Andrej Pejic has been hinting that he will launch his own clothing collection for a while now and the results have finally landed on his website, giving us a peek at two t-shirts that he has created. Both feature the androgynous model's face while the back of each t-shirt carries its own catchphrase - "young, fresh and unisex" and "you can never" feature on the two tees currently available. Andrej models both creations in the images and says he wants the t-shirts to be artistic:

“The t-shirts will be limited edition, I’ll basically be collaborating with a number of different photographers. They’ll shoot me but I’ll choose the theme and it will feature my ideas—the graphics, the styling, the writing on the shirt. I’m keeping a tight eye on everything creatively. It’s more pressure but I also want it to not just be fashion, I want it to be artistic.”


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