David Gandy Believes Men Aren't Men Anymore: “What Has Happened?”

British model David Gandy has opened up on modern men - he believes that something has "happened" to them and so instead he looks up to classic icons for his inspiration. Gandy reveals that he aspires to be like  Paul Newman and Steve McQueen:

“I love Paul Newman. There is an element of me that thinks, “What has happened to men?” Someone emailed me this great thing the other day: a picture of a young kid from a boy band: 16 years old, hair flipped over. And beneath that a picture of Sean Connery as Bond, cigarette hanging out of his mouth. And it said in big letters, ‘Men: what happened?’ When I look at Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, James Dean and Sean Connery, it’s a question I ask myself.”

 Commenting on fans going too far with their fantasies, David opens up on a time that someone tried to get too close before:

 “A girl superimposed my head on to her family portrait and came to my agency saying I was her long-lost brother. It was during Men’s Fashion Week, so she could get the timetable and know where I was going to be. Luckily my driver was ex-Scotland Yard and dealt with it.”

The Dolce & Gabbana model says he was shy and chubby as a 16-year-old and knew nothing about fashion:

“I was nothing to write home about. I was a bit chubby and had no idea about fashion. I was playing every sport under the sun, so I just dressed in a utilitarian way. Cricket gear, football gear or a tracksuit; there was no time for fashion… I was very shy as a 16-year-old. I still am. Puberty is a horrid time. I was slightly bigger because I had puppy fat, then I shot up to 6ft 3 and got skinny, then I got broad. It was a weird development.”


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