Jourdan Dunn Says Her Young Son Inspires Her to Work Harder

British model Jourdan Dunn has opened up on working through motherhood. She admits that finding a balance between work and minding her young son Riley can be difficult but she thankfully has her mother to lend her a hand who she says is her main support when it comes to looking after the 3-year-old tot. Jourdan says that she is often inspired by her son to work even harder:

''I look at my son and he inspires me to do more and work harder. I'm not doing this only for me. It's hard ... we're super close and he's a real mummy's boy. His father has him at the weekend, but my mum's my main support.'' 

Jourdan jokes that while she might often appear to be elegant, she thinks the moment she opens her mouth the illusion is lost:

 ''On the outside I look elegant, but then I open my mouth and it's all over. I was always told [I could do it], but I didn't want to hear it.''

Commenting on racism in the industry, Jourdan reveals that one makeup artist once refused to work with her:

''If you're a make-up artist you should be able to do any type of skin. Hair's hair and skin is skin.''

Revealing a little bit about her future plans, Jourdan hints that she wants to work with her close friend Karlie Kloss and they've already got something in mind:

''We're doing a little something next year, fingers crossed. I don't want to say too much!''

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