Cara Delevingne & Rita Ora Might be Collaborating With Topshop!

 Rumors continue to swirl that British model Cara Delevingne and her close singer friend Rita Ora may be collaborating together with Topshop, with an insider recently commenting:

"Rita and Cara have been talking about the idea for weeks now. Cara has great fashion industry contacts and Rita loves her clothes and keeps up with trends."

When asked about a possible clothing line, Rita says she would create designs that mixed androgynous styles together with musical influences:

'It would be like boy chic meets crazy Bon Jovi, meets… I mean... not Bon Jovi. Boy George… meets… what's his name? My mind's just gone blank… with the lightening bolt? Bowie! Not Boy George. Bowie meets boy chic, meets… just two girls having a good time.'

Speaking on her recent performance alongside Cara on stage at a DKNY party, Rita says that the whole thing wasn't planned at all, she merely pulled Cara from the audience and they enjoyed themselves:

 'It was just a good laugh. I actually had no idea she was going to come on stage. Literally, I was performing and I saw her in the crowd and I said ‘you’re going to get eaten alive’ so I was like ‘come up’.  She came up and she was just raving out, and I was like ‘f*** it, let’s just rave out’, so we did and it ended up just turning into a party, and people were like ‘did you plan it?’ and we were like ‘noooooo, what is there to plan, her running on stage?' It was literally like a spur of the moment. But it was good fun.'

See more photos of Cara on stage and her performance video (including singing and dancing) here!

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