Christian Louboutin Says Women Are 'Unsophisticated' Without Makeup

Shoe designer Christian Louboutin doesn't believe women can look sophisticated if they are without makeup. He says that while some people are naturally sophisticated, it can't happen if they don't apply makeup and prepare themselves - he also says that having "roots" is another style crime:

 ''Being natural is like being unsophisticated. I do think you can be naturally sophisticated just like you can be naturally smart. There is something that's ingrained in people. It's not because you have been taught that way. Naturally, some people are more sophisticated. Natural shouldn't be no make-up, roots, being in pyjamas all year long. Thank God, culture has elevated people more than that.''

Louboutin is currently working on his debut makeup range and says that when he was younger he was often confused by what people thought of other women who got dressed up and took care of themselves:

''As a kid, I was always like, 'Why, if a girl is sophisticated, if she cleans her hair, if she wears make-up, is she stupid? Tell me why a woman who likes to put on heels and who cleans her hair is a stupid woman?' And no one was explaining everything. They were like, 'Oh, because [if you focus on your appearance] you're a kept woman and you're an image for the man.' I just don't think women are all that stupid.''


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