Joan Smalls Opens Up on Trying a Juice Diet, Eating Habits

Puerto Rican model Joan Smalls has ascended the ranks to become one of the world's top models, but according to her, she isn't obsessive when it comes to watching her diet. The stunning model does admit that she tried out a juice diet once, but had to quit after three days because she found it too difficult:

You miss the feeling of chewing! I think it’s good if you do it for maybe one or two days to give your system a rest, and let it flush itself out, but to do a week, that’s too hard. I think I tried it once, and I cracked on the third day. I had one meal, and it was just one meal out of the whole thing! And then it was just downhill from there.

She says she isn't keen on drinking juice exclusively:

No. I like drinking the juices, but I don’t juice. I like a juice in between meals, just to drink something.
When asked about eating healthily, Joan admits she doesn't watch her diet that closely and is trying to eat better because she prefers junk food:

I’m not one of those health food people. I eat what I like, I’m not into diets and stuff, but I’m trying to eat more vegetables.


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