Karlie Kloss Says Her Model Figure Made Her "Incredibly Insecure"

American model Karlie Kloss has opened up on her amazing model figure, revealing that before she hit the big time her "gangly" frame made her feel insecure because she was different from everyone else. She says being so tall made it hard for her at school but over time she has come to enjoy her unique figure:

”It was tough being the tall, gangly girl at school. It made me incredibly insecure. But since I’ve become a model, I’ve learnt to appreciate my figure. Really, it’s not always so great. I always felt like Bambi.”

The model had a normal upbringing in a small town and never expected to make it big as a model. She now has a long list of jobs lined up each week and has to travel all over the world - something she really didn't see coming when she was younger:

”I grew up the second of four sisters in St Louis, Missouri. Let’s just say, a Midwestern town isn’t exactly fashionable; no one, least of all me, saw this career coming. I live in New York but I travel so much that I can never really predict my 9-5. Usually I’ll be in New York shooting for a couple of days for a glossy editorial or Victoria’s Secret. Then they’ll be a trip to Brazil or Europe most weeks.”

Speaking on keeping in top shape, Karlie says she doesn't do much besides ballet and thinks she needs to step her game up:

”I’m not a crazy exerciser. I guess I should step up my game a little bit. I mean, when you look at the other Victoria’s Secret girls. They are like serious Olympic athletes! I’ve always been passionate about ballet, and for me it’s about building muscle through dance and feeling strong and healthy. That’s what I think is sexy. ”


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