Coco Rocha Shares Her "Worst" Early Model Work

Before she made it big, Coco Rocha headed to Taipei and Singapore where she worked on some catalogues and expanded her portfolio aged just 15. Looking back at the photos now, Coco admits they're the "worst" she's ever done but at the time she was thrilled to be working so hard on her career. She commented on the experience:

Today I’m known for posing — I would definitely say that came from Taipei. At castings there, agents send you with a few girls in a car to go see a client. The client sits there at a table with about 10 people and says things like, “Our catalogue today is Hello Kitty” or “sexy” or “cutesy.” And you depict what you think that means. You have a minute to give them all your poses, almost like a dance-off — but a pose-off. If you book the job you may get to do a catalogue of 75 photos. The new girls would always say, “What on earth am I doing?” And you’re like, “It’s normal. You’ll get into it.”

I thought that’s how modeling was, and I came back to New York and I’m doing all my poses and people were like, “What on earth are you doing?” They just couldn’t understand the whole “dance” I was doing when I got in front of the camera. I booked two jobs a day in Asia, so 75 looks, and then at night another 75. Two catalogues a day for two months.

I thought it was awesome — I was getting paid and I thought they were great photos. [Then] I actually looked back at them a few months ago and, oh my goodness — they are actually the worst photos I have ever seen.

After Taipei, I went to Singapore and worked on my portfolio further. Singapore is a great place to make your book. Visually, they have interesting concepts, and their photographers are very good. 

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